Links on images in header projects doesn't work

Hello, on this page, I put link on third image and it doesn’t work (projects part).

Hi, I have the same problem: that URL’s embedded in images in (Illdy) Projects widgets don’t actually link to anywhere.When you click on the image all you get is a screen-size version of the image.
I’m really looking forward to an answer to this one.

Hi, me again. I have been trawling back through the old threads on this page and eventually found this, posted in June 2018. It worked for me.
Good luck!

Thanks for the access credentials.
In this case, could you navigate to the Appearance>Customize>Front Page Sections>Projects Section and disable the “Enable Lightbox” option.
I hope this helps.
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Hi there

@Proust right now you are using lightbox instead of links, please enable links instead of lightbox and try again

Thank you sooo much!

@Proust I think the Link is working now. you are using lighbox as @colorlibsupport Mention. I visit home page and check everything is working well.

Nice to hear

I will close this case now

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