list of products with three columns

Hello, support!

I have tried to work on an e-commerce project with the tyche theme of colorlib taking advantage of woocommerce features. I’m having trouble applying the “TYCHE PRODUCTS” widgets in the Content Widget # 2A, # 2B, # 2C, # 4A, and # 4B fields. The mentioned fields does not reflect application that would transform “content” into a list of products with three columns config to print extracted from the demo of you. I tried resorting to the functions.php file, but to no avail. Could support help me?

version tyche 1.0.7.

Thank you in advance!

Same problem here. Can’t adjust block with 3 columds :frowning:

ya i need this too any fix? someone figured it out how?i think its disable the widget!

Can anyone help me with my Tyche theme. icons on my website just disappear and the header banner ads part also disappear. Can anyone please teach me how to solve this?