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I need some help. I have recently concluded setting up my classifieds site when I came across this website with the Listing theme. I like the look and feel of this theme and am considering changing to it. Do you think it would be a good fit? Would customers be able to list items or property on sale or advertise jobs?

Also, I attempted to download and test it on a new website to see if it would indeed be better than the present but it wouldn’t upload as a plugin nor a theme. Would you be able to help in this regard?

Your response would be greatly appreciated.


Hi JobsAdsNmore,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Could you please share me the page URL where the listing theme is displaying so that i can answer your questions accordingly?

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Hi Movin,

I’m well thanks, I hope you are also!

The listing on this url Listing - Free Simple Directory Website Template - Colorlib was most appealing to me but you are free to suggest others. Our goal is to be multipurpose for the Customer at both ends for e.g a hotel may wish to list their rooms as well as any spa, restaurant or entertainment on site as well as post jobs which they may wish to advertise. I hope this is clear.



The listing displayed on your shared URL is static HTML template and not WordPress theme so you can’t install it on your WordPress site but can use it as a standalone template.

Instead you can search and use any other WordPress listings theme from the following pages.

Thanks Movin,

Could this one work Home App View – Listingpro Multipurpose Directory Theme ?


Yes it will work as it is WordPress listing pro theme.