Little problems since update 1.2


Great theme. love the simplicity and functionality. Got a few problems since the update however.

  1. There’s a gap in between “shapely_home_parallax-2” and my “rev-slider-widget-2” … I tried to remove it using css that I’ve found here on the forum with no luck… or intermittent luck.

/Remove portfolio padding top/
div#shapely_home_parallax-2 section{
padding-top: 0px !important;

/*Remove featured padding bottom */
div#rev-slider-widget-2 section #{
padding-bottom: 0px !important;

  1. Also, my 2 top menu links actually send to a front page widget. Before the update, it would send to the widget with the menu bar just taping the top of the widget (or the parallax section). Now, the top menu section covers a bit of the widget…

it seems like the top menu is also larger vertically and it seems that these added pixels are causing both of my problems… the gap and the front page section being covered by that extra vertical menu portion.

My website:

Thanks for helping!

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

These issues are related as the content seems to have been pushed down. Please tell me have you added any new code to the theme?

Best Regards,

No. I actually don’t have the knowledge to do so. I have resized a widget (layer slider) in height but that’s about it. I thought that the theme parallax sections would just stick to each other naturally.

Do you want to dig in the site?

This space gap seems to happens only to widgets that are not Shapely native.