Live site display problem ?

Hello all,

I’m using Illday and it looks stunning when connected to WP but there is something wrong when going to the live site…
I’m pretty new using WP, hosting stuff, FTP client… and pretty hard to know if the problem comes from WP, Illdy or myself.
Here is the link to my website:, could you let me know why it is not displaying the front page like in the demo?

I hope you will be able to help me,

Thank you very much!!


Could you let me know if I am not in the right place to ask this question ?? Thank you.

Hello @loic,

You are in the right place to ask this question :slight_smile:

From what I can tell, you need to go through all the fields in Dashboard > Appearances > Customize and re-save all the default information with your own. When you are logged in the Dashboard you can see everything alright or it’s looking the same?

If nothing works, please provide me temporary admin dashboard access via a private message so I can have a look for myself.


Hi @Colorlib Support & @loic,

I have the same exact problem. (]

Can you let me know if you find a solution?

Salut @loic,

As tu trouvé une solution à ton problème? Je suis confronté au même souci…

Thank you,

Hi @colorlib

Thank you for your response.

Nothing has worked so far. Some text appear but no images…
I will send you a provate message for the admin login
Thanks a lot!

Salut @laxe971,
Je te tiens informé sans problème!

Dear @colorlib,

Regarding the admin password, do you need my actual password or is there a way to give you access without sharing it?

Thank you,

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I’m pretty sure you just need to go through all the fields and input new information wherever you have display issues.

Let me know if you got it alright

as for the password, you can always change the password afterwards, or you can set up a new admin account to the email [email protected]

We have no interest in messing things up, just providing better live assistance.