Login 8 integration and Setup problems


I am attempting to integrate this template into a website i currently have published. However I can not find any documentation or readme’s or any type of online assistance to help me understand what is required of this page and what needs to be done to use.

Is there anyone out there that can help me understand how to do this? I have a good understanding of PHP and HTML but my JavaScript is kinda lacking at the moment. And i cant find anywhere in the code where it has you set a file or database or some form of storage to store usernames and passwords and also the ability to create new accounts. I also need help locking the site behind the login page.

Basically i need some basic assistance in understanding how to use this specific template as tutorials on line are very broad and don’t help me with this particular site.

I thank you in advance!

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

These templates are meant to be edited by users with development knowledge so in this case where you want to add a feature to manage user accounts, you will have to create a login system for the template.

You can also use a third party developer to help you, one of which you can find here:

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Hello there,
I have a problem with login templates, I wanna use them as my login page beside my wordpress but I don’t really know how to set those templates up and use them. I’ve also installed Custom Login Page Customizer by Colorlib but I couldn’t add templates there.
I kindly ask you to help me to add this Login Template beside my wordpress.

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Hi there

I guess you are talking about 2 different things, one is HTML templates and second WordPress, you cant integrate HTML template in WordPress, without massive customization this is simply not possible, you need a good level of PHP, html and JS to make this happen,
please consider your main problem is that you have to know differencies beetween wordpress and html templates, they are completelly different things

Hello everyone,

I installed the Colorlib Login Customizer, however when i change the logo and set the correct width and height as advised, my logo is not showing and instead the wordpress login is the one that shows after I save

vplaya please don’t duplicate your questions, i saw your ticket and it’s already answered