Login customizer - form in wrong position

Hi there,
not a big problem, but the login screen which was customized with “shapely login customizer” suddenly shows the wrong position of the form. In < Layout options> the form alignment is defined as vertical and horizontal centered. The customizer displays it correct in preview as defined. But when seen on the front end the form is left positioned. It allways has worked as intended but suddenly the form likes to be in the left position. Any idea how to fix it?

hi there

You can use this css code in the Appearance > Customize > Additionall css to fox your problem:

.login .language-switcher {
    display: none;


thanks for the line of code. I put this to ‘additional css’ but same result: login form keeps left instead of the intended centred position …


Can you please provide a screenshot of the code in the CSS box? I cant see it :slight_smile:

Oh I see, I put it in the wrong “custom css” list.

When “your” line of code is added to “Custom CSS” inside of “Colorlib Login Customizer” the login form switches to where I want to have it.

Mistakenly I put it to the general theme customizer. Now it works as defined: The login form is centred above the choosen foto.

Thnx again for great support

Cool, that’s nice to hear Chris :slight_smile:

Have a good day and come back to us if you need anything else