Logo at the top left hand corner and woo commerce


Can someone please tell me how to put a Logo in the top left hand corner.
so instead of the site title it would be the Logo.
And then under the logo it would be site tag line like normal.

My site is

Also How do i add woo commerce to my site, so adding a cart for products, like the demo, is there a plugin im meant to add of is it in the theme already??

Thanks heaps, this template is fantastic so far.

I just fixed my logo myself :slight_smile:
If someone could please just help with the woo commerce cart, adding products that would be awesome

Travelify theme is compatible with WooCommerce estore toolkit and you can find out more about this plugin and download it from here.
It is not integrated directly in theme and you should download it separately but it will work just fine once activated as everything else is optimized.

Let me know if this helps.