Logo desappeared only on post

Hi there,
the site logo desappeared on post.
It is on all aver the site but not on post.
At the same time the site has become very slower.
Thank you for support

Hey there

Let me show it, please provide url of the post

ps. always include a link to your website in the question :slight_smile:

Hi there,
the link of one post is for example: https://www.piuculturaaccessibile.it/invisibili-corriere-della-sera-25-11-20/
Thank you

Hi there

that happens because of your custom css in the appearance > customize > additional css:

You need to remove this:

.single .col-sm-4 {
display: none !important;

Hi there,
thank you for the response.
Now it’s ok but the testimonials logo on homepage disappeared. But I think is not connected with that.
My best

Hi there

Yes, it’s a different thing, try to attach it from scratch, upload the image again from your PC

I apologize I’m adding on this topic.
I removed the testimonials image on Additional CSS and it worked. Now it’s impossible to remove even if the code is wright and nothing changed

Not clearly understand what that means, can you add a screenshot of the problem?


Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you please send me your admin details in a private message? I will check your problem from my side

What about my admin details?
I can send a temporary access.


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Hi there

The link is outdated, please update it and send me it agian