Logo Image stretched/inconsistent on mobile platform

The logo image is being stretched on mobile devices (iPhone 6S) and covering the menu toggle. I’m having the same issue as this user and tried the fix from that post which just made the sizing even more inconsistent between pages:


#site-navigation .module.left > a {
    width: 53px;

I changed the width with some success, but was still inconsistent. I’ve since deleted the code but still seems to show on this page of my site: https://www.techmedicrva.com/book-appointment/

My site: https://www.techmedicrva.com

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From my end, the logo on the homepage looks perfect on mobile. I tested from an iPhone as well as an Android phone and the hamburger menu icon is present and is responding correctly.

Did you manage to get that resolved?

In regards to the code still being on the other page, I’m going to ask that you clear your site’s cache if you have any, or from your server’s end.

If that doesn’t work, the CSS below should work to counteract that:

#site-navigation .module.left > a {
    width: auto!Important;

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Thanks for looking into it. Still having issues on my end unfortunately after adding the code you provided.

I’ve been clearing the cache on all devices and on my site, and typically after clearing the cache it seems to work at first but then after clicking through a couple pages the stretched logo image appears on all pages.

Just tried on an android device and seems to work fine, so I’m unsure why I’m having this issue on my personal device.