Logo is gone after update

I’ve updated my theme, but there is no more logo. I already tried to delete h1 around the logo in header.php, but the logo still doesn’t appear.
Any suggestions?

Website: https://vmprint.be/

At this moment I deleted all the code around the logo, and insterted the link into the code. I think the problem is the span tag, because that was the last thing I tried…

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I checked the link provided but the logo appears to be available there. So I am not sure what exactly the issue is here.Could you please provide some more information?

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Because I deleted all the code, also the span tags, it works now…

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Alright, I thought you were still having an issue.
Please feel free to let us know of any other issues.

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my logo is gone after update too! I have Activello child-theme and I updated Activello parent-theme.
I’d try to load logo there in right place again and I choose “show logo only”. Only site name shows.
What should I do now?
This is my site: http://www.nykamummon.fi/

I will be grateful for all your help!

You can resolve the logo issue in your child theme as described in the following topic.