Logo Pixel Size - Illdy

Could you please let me know how many pixels width and height you recommend the logo to be? Mine shows up too large.

Thank you kindly,

Hello @mercedes,

The logo in the demo is 153x75px

Depending on the type of logo you have, wider or taller, the size may vary.

Please provide me the website link so I can have a better look and maybe provide you some custom CSS to fix it.


Well that’s awesome thanks. The web is www.contentcult.com and I have attached an example of the logo image. Name would go underneath or next to it. I suppose next would work better

Hello @mercedes,

I’m having some trouble to understand how I can help you.

From what I can tell, you need to edit this picture logo and extract the round pictogram and add your text in the left or below it.

Make it the size you want and add it to the website settings.