Logo size - no matter how large or small, the site stretches it to the recommend

How do I change the size of the logo so it’s no so large? I’m a newbie at CSS so please be specific. I’ve looked through all of the CSS pages and can’t seem to nail tis down.


Right now you are using header image instead of logo and it will always recommended to use it full width like you have now to keep the nice look.

If you want to upload logo then it will be so much easier to just upload proper size logo instead of trying to scale it down via CSS.

The thing is that you will get much better performance because scaling your logo size via CSS doesn’t make logo smaller in terms of memory, so it will loads the entire thing but show it small. When you will upload small image (width/height) it will load much faster.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to upload the logo. I go to the theme options page but there is no way to selct a logo to upload. I’ve tried several times and there is no ling to select a logo rom my documents of the image library.