Logo Sizing and menu


I have one outstanding issue with my front page - the logo covers parts of my hero image that need to be seen in landscape on a mobile device.

I have tried to workout the CSS to make the logo smaller on the page when read on a mobile device in portrait mode, and I’ve reduced the size of the image.

Is the resize possible?

I also have an issue where the menu does not appear within certain browsers on the desktop only, instead showing the text “Add a menu”.

The culprints are IE11 and chrome.

Safari is OK but I’d still like to be able to move the menu items up/down to suit.

So my last query is, is the core CSS the same for all colorlib themes? I’ve tried to use the standard css file guide me.

My site is www.craving.org.uk

Many thanks,


Hello Phill,

It seems to me that you are not using Illdy theme but some other.

Can you please clear this out before we can continue with any debugging?

Thank you,
Have a great day!