Logo squished on mobile


I’m new to using Wordpress and Shapely. I downloaded the child theme here http://take.ms/sXFTG to make the navigation bar central, but now my logo is squished on mobile. Could anyone please help me?

Thanks so much!

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Where did you find that link?

It may be better to use the link on this site to download the theme:

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I found it from here https://colorlibsupport.com/t/shapely-theme-how-to-change-logo-and-nav-bar-position-and-size/

cause I wanted to make nav bar below the logo. Any chance to fix that?

hi there

Any modification or customization in the theme layout should be done by the customer, sorry but we cant fulfill such requests :frowning:

Hi Noda,

No I wasn’t looking for a direct magic fix of the theme. Was just wondering if there is any additional CSS that would help me fix my problem of having a squished logo on mobile. Thanks!

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In that case, could you possibly provide us with a link to your site so that we can have a closer look into this.
I look forward to your reply.
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