Lost content on homepage


I previously use the beta version of the theme in March 2017, downloaded from the link below, on my website. The shapely version should be 1.1.0 at that time:

I haven’t plugins on my Wordpress for a few months. Recently, I upgraded the following plugins on my website:

  • Jetpack
  • Shapely Companion (but it’s not activated, so wonder it may not be the cause)

After doing the above update, I found all content of my homepage is lost, only leaving the header, footer, and this line in between them:
> This is the “Home Sidebar Section”, add some widgets to it to change it.

Other pages of my website are still here, but seems color of links changed from blue to purple.

I haven’t updated the Shapely theme, it’s still version 1.1.0, and should be the beta version. I haven’t updated any of my code too.

Do you know how I can fix it and have my homepage content back? Thanks a lot.

My website login details as below, please kindly check if needed, thanks.

ID: TempSupport
Pwd: bPg$a!Yn4Qqi&5v71^)Kkf


Because you downloaded the theme from GitHub, now the slug of the theme is shapely-master so you will not receive the theme’s update. The content is gone because Shapely Companion is not activated. But it seems that you skipped 3 theme versions: 1.1.2, 1.1.6, 1.1.7 so my advice is to rollback your shapely companion to the previous version, and after that you need to backup your website and then proceed to update the theme and the plugin.

Normally something like this is not necessary but because you skipped 3 theme versions is recommended to backup first.
Also you can activate Shapely Companion now, but it will probably throw some errors due to theme incompatibility.

Thank you.


Thanks for the help. Can you tell me where can I get version 1.1.0 of Shapely Companion?


You can use this plugin : WP Rollback – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org



Thanks, I have installed rollback, and can see other plugins having older versions. But seems Shapely Companion don’t have older version, only 1.2 and no others to choose from?

Hello again,

I still can’t find the older version of Shapely Companion, but I have activated and updated the plugin and theme all to the latest version. After some customization, it looks well now, thanks a lot.