Main home page image won't load on mobile

Everything on my website works fine, except the main home page image (a background full parallax section) doesn’t show up on mobile devices. I thought it might be because it is a large file size, but there is another image on my homepage that is an even bigger file size and that one loads just fine. I also uploaded a super compressed version to test if that worked on mobile and that didn’t work either. There is just a white space where the picture should be, but everything else on the home page comes up. It also works fine on iPad, so I’m just not sure if there is something I can fix in the coding or anything to get it to work on mobile?

My site is

Thank you!!

Hi @csnow,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I visited your shared site on mobile and found there are various background images on your site which are working fine for me.

Could you please tell me regarding which particular background image you are talking about?

Also please try using different browser on your mobile.

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Hi @Movin,

Thanks for taking a look!
I’m attaching three screenshots of the picture that’s not working on mobile. One is from a computer, one is from and ipad (both of those work fine), and one is from mobile (and you can see it’s just white space and not a picture). I tried my site on Safari and Chrome on mobile and it didn’t show up on either.

It seems this is happening because the background image that you have set to parallax section is very much large in size having width 3564px and height 2293px which takes time to load causing this issue.

To resolve the issue try making width of it maximum 1568px and half the height of it.


Thank you so much, that worked!!! :slight_smile: I’m very grateful for your help. Have a good day!

You are most welcome here :slight_smile: