Main menu not functional

Hi there - my top menu will dropdown when I hover over it, but when I move the mouse down to the items on the menu, the dropdown bit disappears. I have a feeling this has something to do with me trying to get a menu installed with third-party plugins like Mega Menu, but I’ve deactivated all of these and it’s still a problem. Site is here.

I’m trying to achieve something very simple (I think), which is to have a thin bar menu with custom colours on top of the page that stays as I scroll, but I can’t seem to achieve it. Any advice on code to insert or a simple plugin to use would be greatly appreciated.



My apologies, I see this has been answered in another post. The code suggested has worked for me:

#header .top-header { z-index: 98; }

A (:

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I am glad that you found a solution worked.
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