Main menu visible when scrolling and Menu anchor points

Hello, I want do the same in shapely great theme that I discover fews days ago. For now, the menu appears at the top right on the home page and when page scroll it disappears. I would like to keep the main menu fixed at the top of the screen when scrolling. So when the main page scrolls, the menu is visible and it’s easy to go in different part on the home page.

I tried your tips but don”t work with mine. Any advice?

By the way I have a second question : I want add in the menus anchor points so when I click on Contact in the menu on top, it scrolls down to the Contact part in home page.
I tried to add custom menu links and put the section name after a hashtag but without success.
Thank in advance for help,

Hi @artabord,

Could you give me your website to check?