Main menu visible when scrolling and Menu anchor points

Hello, I use shapely, great theme that I discover fews days ago. For now, the menu appears at the top right on the home page and when page scroll it disappears. I would like to keep the main menu fixed at the top of the screen when scrolling. So when the main page scrolls, the menu is visible and it’s easy to go in different part on the home page.

I tried add this code but don”t work with mine. Any advice?
nav#site-navigation {
position: relative;

By the way I have a second question : I want add in the menus anchor points so when I click on Contact in the menu on top, it scrolls down to the Contact part in home page.
I tried to add custom menu links and put the section name after a hashtag but without success.
Thank in advance for help, my site in construction if needed :

Hi @artsabord,

I think you solve it in meantime, because it works(see attach).

For anchor points, it should work.

Could you provide us in a private message a wp admin and user? We would login and will see why is not working




For the menu it’s strange because I change nothing but you right, it’s work now.

For the anchor point, I will give you my information in private.



How did you manage to get the anchor points?
I got told it wasn’t possible until the theme has been updated?

Thanks Amy

Yes it’s possible for anchor. I did a wrong name for anchor so it’s that what the scroll was not working.

To find the good name or ID for anchor, just press F12 than select the pointer icon and hover ower the sections. You will find the ids on the html.

Thanks, it’s fine now.

Hello, hope everything fine for you.

I still have a problem with my menu on the top.

I would like a sticky menu, fixed when i am scrolling in the home page.

I tried many thing but i don’t success.

If i arrive to have a sticky menu, my different anchor point don’t scroll properly.

And it is a way to have scroll visible not just a jump to the anchor point?

For nice support,

My site is

SO my wp-admin for

user : admin
password : adminlws

(I will change soon this because they are no safe. It’s because i install wordpress with lws).



H @artsabord,

I checked your website ad as I can see you the sticky menu is working great, the anchor also.

Did you solved it in meantime?



yes everything work now, thank you for support!

Hi @artsabord,

I am glad that you solved.

Best regards,