Main Page will not load images if anchor link is used

On my site if I’m on the main page and I click ID anchor link everything loads fine.
But if site is loaded by anchor link no images load on main page.

For example if you go here: and Click games and animations it should work fine.
If you enter directly with anchor link like
No images load.

Do I need to set something up with htaccess or WP settings to fix this? Or is theme issue?

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Are you using a plugin to display those images? There may be a conflict here.

Please use this plugin to clear your cache then test the page once more:

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Thank you for quick reply!

I tried cache but it didn’t help.

The portfolio squares below are indeed from a portfolio Plugin. But same problem happens with Shapely’s own Video and Parallax widgets. If you look at main page link There is a large image and video below, for which I use shapely.

Whenever I add any anchor to the link (#bla) and reload page from scratch images break. Could there be a problem with anchor page wrongly recognized as custom page link?

I made a clean blog with only plugins shapely requires and same problem happens with default paralax image Shapely has(From demo content)

Hi I have the same exact problem.
Already tried wp-super-cache, and dosen’t solve the problem.

Has anybody found a solution to this one?


Hello Hrucco,

Do you have the latest update?
Because in the latest one a new option was added to add links for the homepage sections directly from the menu: Appearance > Menus > Homepage sections, and you will need to add them from there.

Regarding the issue with the image, we are aware of this Javascript error and we will address it in our next update. We are currently working on it so it should be available soon - keep an eye out for it!

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