Make a background image for just one particular page


I’d like to have just a full screen image for a particular page (in my case, the About page).

I tried doing this using the “Background Image” section but I run into a few problems:
1.The image shows on all my pages, not just the About page as intended.
2. Can’t seem to get the image to fill the whole page
3. The footer cuts halfway through the image

Thanks for much for your help in advance!

Hi @adel,

  1. Instead set a background image, use this Custom CSS,
.page-id-173 {
    background-image: url("");
    background-position: left top;
    background-size: auto;
    background-repeat: repeat;
    background-attachment: scroll;

Where 173 is the ID of the page, you can find the ID of the page using this

  1. For footer shows in the middle of the page, Make sure you have enough content in the page to force the footer to the bottom. If less content then footer moves up.

Let us know,