Make .front-page-section compensate for sticky menu height


I’m still stuck on this. The last time I wrote this topic I knew there was an issue but could not identify or explain it correctly. I am now able to correctly outline the problem

When entering anchor points into the URL of a website using the illdy theme, the .front-page-section does not compensate for the height of the sticky menu.

Using my website as an example, the sticky header has a height of 72px, when you enter a URL such as the sticky menu covers the .front-page-section whereas it should theoretically snap to the top of it. This feature work when clicking on menu items once the page is loaded but not when entering URLs.

After some research it seems that this is a problem inherent to one page themes. I am aware that some developers realise this and create two anchor points for each section - one to snap the anchor point to the top of the browser window and another to snap the anchor point to the bottom of the sticky menu.

For example, on the Avada theme the developer created a script to allow to snap anchors to the top of the browser window and to snap anchor points to the top of the sticky menu. They added an underscore to distinguish between behaviours.

Does illdy have any kind of feature like this?

Here is one forum topic on the issue: Sticky header hiding menu anchor points - ThemeFusion | Avada Website Builder

In a previous discussion I was advised that adding extrain margins or padding to my .front-page-section would compensative for this, however, it would not fix the issue and would also not look very good asthetically as everypage sections would have to have .front-page-section with top padding of 100px+.


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