Make header bar transparent


I’m curious how to make the header navigation bar transparent. I’ve attempted to just not enter a hex code for the color, but it displays as the default color.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Another question (didn’t want to make a whole new thread)

Is there a way to show multiple posts per page (rather than 1) without enabling endless scrolling?

Thank you!

  1. WordPress default color picker doesn’t support transparent background but you can get this done by adding this code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS
.navbar.navbar-default {
    background: transparent;
  1. Default is actually 10 posts and you can change that via WordPress dashboard - Settings - Reading - “Blog pages show at most”

Thanks so much for the prompt reply! Works great.

I had the same question as member rsnbrgjrdn, which concerned the menu and how to have a transparent background. I closely read the answers and tried updating the css code with the lines written above but nothing changed on my website :confused: (see att. file).
I’ve also uploaded my entire css file in a separate file so not to flood the text here…

I hope someone can help me out there :slight_smile:


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