Make menu items to fit the entire menu area

This theme is excellent!
But I have a little problem. I would like to stretch menu entire width of the block, how can I do it?

Could you please be more specific or sending screenshot would be nice.
The thing is that menu is already from the one edge to another, so I am a bit confused with your question.

This is example what I want to do

It’s doable but will require adjustment depending on your menu items.
In order to do so you should add this to to Theme Options – Other – Custom CSS.

#main-nav a {
	padding: 8px 19px 0 19px;

And change second and fourth number to make it fit. In case of my demo I have to use 19px and 19px but it could vary. If you are having problems with it please post your URL and I will give you exact numbers.

all done!
Thank you very-very much! )