Make Smaller Font Size for h6-h10 heading tags for Unite theme

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I’d like to put our trademark information in small print at the bottom of some pages. When I use <h6></h6>, as I’ve done in other themes, the font actually gets bigger. I’ve tried doing <h10></h10> and other such numbers, but to no avail. How can I get a very small font size for this purpose?

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There isn’t any HTML tag like h10 it’s only from h1 to h6. The h1 is the largest and h6 is the smallest as described on the following pages.

You can also use other HTML tags like em

If nothing works for you then please add the trademark information on your site and share me the page URL telling me how much text size you want to apply on it so that i can help you to achieve it.

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I don’t feel you quite understand the problem. I want the trademark information to be “smaller” than the normal font sizes, and just don’t know how to achieve that with the Unite Theme, though I am able to achieve it with other themes on other websites that I design.

Here is a url you can look at:
(See the bottom of the page)

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I am not sure what you are referring as trademark information but i think you are referring the copyright text displayed at the bottom of your site.

If it’s the case then you can make that copyright text smaller than other text by adding the following CSS code in the Custom CSS option of your Unite theme on the below path.

Admin Area -> Apperance -> Theme Options -> Other -> Custom CSS

.site-footer .copyright {
  font-size: 11px;

You can change the font size value in the above code to change the size of copyright text.

I hope i could help you to achieve it.


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Perhaps, another way to explain what I want is to show you the problem. I’m attaching two screenshot of the problems.

Screenshot #1: You will see where it says: The Summit Lighthouse® etc. That is TOO BIG.

Screenshot #2: In my dashboard, where I entered the text using <h6></h6>, the sizing is PERFECT. That’s what I want. Smaller font size in relation to the “normal” font size.

Hi @thegoldenpathway,

Thank you for sharing the screenshots.

The shared the screenshots helped me to understood your question now and in your dashboard the font size is displaying different then front end because different CSS is applied to the tags in the front end and in the dashboard.

To make the text smaller in front end added in the h6 tag, you can try using the following CSS code as described in my previous reply and change the font size value to whatever you want to set.

.entry-content h6 {
  font-size: 13px;


PERFECT! Thank you soooooo much! :slight_smile:

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