Making button 1 on homepage same as button 2

Hi there how can I make my button 1 on homepage the same as button 2 in the homepage parallax widget.

I would like the hover effect that button 2 has. So I’d like my button 1 to have the same look and effect as button 2.

My website is


Hi there

Sorry, but which one is button 1 and button 2 ? :slight_smile:

button 1 is all pink and button 2 is white and goes pink on hover

Ok, thanks

try this css code:

a.btn.btn-lg.btn-filled:hover {
    background: #db8383 !important;
    color: #fff !important;
a.btn.btn-lg.btn-filled {
    background: #0000 !important;
    color: #db8383;

Great that works like a treat!