Making changes to Child theme

Hello everyone,

I have a question considering the use of a child-theme.
I made changes to the original travelify theme to use it at my homepage and now I am worried these changes may disappear during the next update.
To be on the safe side I decided to make a child theme, as is recommended on almost every page concerning editing themes. After trying to make a child theme myself, I encountered problems, since Travelify uses the css files instead of one (at least I think, that this may be my problem) and went on to download the child theme file in this forum.
Installation went well. Nonetheless, now I am only able to edit the style.css and functions.php, which both do not really contain lots of information to edit, after all.

Now my question: What is the best way to have a Travelify theme I can edit freely while being safe to updates :wink:

Thanks for your help.

Hi @fontekz,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

You can overwrite Travelify theme functions and classes by adding them in the functions.php file of child theme and CSS code by adding it in the style.css file. Also you can use Travelify theme hooks in child theme to change its functionality and to change theme templates you can overwrite the template files in child theme.

Find more information about it on the following page.

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