Making edits to Clients Section Widget deletes data

When you add a bunch of clients to this section, then apply changes, some of the URLs are deleted and you need to add them all in again. You basically need to apply all your changes twice. If you make many changes there will be numerous URLs that are deleted. There’s an off-by-one error in the code, it seems.

It will also move some URLs to a different logo.


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In reference to your query here, could you please provide us with a screencast on the issue using such a tool ( so that we can have a clear understanding on the issue here.

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This shows a simple case of the error. Switch the order of two entries and it reverses the logo/URLs

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In this case, could you perhaps try deactivating any third-party plugins you may have in place and check whether the issue is resolved. If so try reactivating them one by one to identify the plugin causing this. If the issue persists, please provide us with some temporary access credentials to the site so that we can have a look into this.

Please keep us posted on this.
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it’s a dev environment. if you’re interested you can easily reproduce it.

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I want to see it because i cant replicate this problem on my side and you are first who reported this weird behavior,
Please use this plugin to create temporary access for us, its automatic login link and does not requires sharing your admin details. here is How To guide. at the and don’t forget about  “Set as private reply” at the bottom of the message box  

Hi there… you can definitely reproduce this in any environment. I just set up a completely new test environment locally with only WordPress, Shapely, and all the recommended plugins. The problem exists there too. Here are the steps to reproduce.

  1. Take any environment that has shapely installed with all its recommended plugins, companion plugin, Contact form 7, Jetpack, etc.
  2. Install the demo content.
  3. Select Customize and scroll down to the Clients section and click the edit pencil to edit the widget
  4. In this case you need to add URLs to each Client logo since the default is #.
  5. Drag and drop any two logos to change their order.
  6. Hit Apply
  7. As soon as you hit Apply the URLs will be saved to the wrong spots and will no longer match the Logo they’re next to.

Note that the Apply button only appears when you make changes to the text or logo. It doesn’t appear if you only drag and drop.

So a better title for this bug is “Reordering the Client widgets mixes up their URL/Logos When you Press the Apply Button”.

Hope that helps you reproduce the issue on your end.

hi sgibson12

Thank you for detailed information, I truly appreciate it, the thing is that I’m working remotely right now, I cant use my laptop where I have a testing environment and I cant setup it here, that’s the reason why I’m asking access details. if you cant do this that absolutely normal, in several days I can do this test on my side,
Sorry for this inconvenience :frowning:

OK Noda. Thanks for checking. I’ll let you guys resolve this is you can. The steps to reproduce are pretty clear. I don’t see the benefit to granting you access to my system since a developer would need a test environment to fix it anyway. take care.

thank you for understanding and you are very welcome here, thank you for a very detailed explanation of the problem, I’ve already marked it and I will check it as soon as possible