Making existing posts image medium sized.


As many people have said, congrats, well done and thanks for making this really easy to use, clean template. I haven’t donated any money yet :slight_smile: But if I get this webpage out the way(the first using wordpress) using your template, hopefully I can get on with making a bunch more websites for other companies at which point I def will “donate?” for each job I do using your template.

I have one question though, I’ve seen the “how to” to use the medium image post instead of the large image. I tried to follow the “how to” at:
Travelify Theme Instructions - Colorlib (to get)

I made a new page with the “blog image large” template, but this had no effect. I am wondering, how/why does making the new page affect all my existing POSTS.

In my haste to get this working I must be missing something, do you have any ideas?

Thanks very much.

Blog template used for this blog is actually “Blog Medium Images” instrad of “Blog Large Image”.

However, it will work only in blog page and won’t apply to archive pages such as category, date, tags and other archives. To change this you will have to edit content-extensions.php file like this:
In most cases you won’t need this but just use the right Blog template and you will be ready to go.

Hi Aigars,

I’ve just realised another(kind of related) problem… :frowning:
I have created all my pages using the default template.
(I wasn’t worried about the appearance, just under pressure to get the menu layout done asap)

However, I’ve now realized that the default template doesn’t have the images at the top(ie if I used the “blog image large” then the pages will have a big image at the top) So I shouldn’t have been using the default template…

But when I now go to amend the pages to assign them a template(“blog image medium” for example, with no parent) then instead of displaying the page, it shows (what would appear to be random) posts. (and doesn’t show the page I selected)

Does this problem sound familiar to you?
Any ideas?
Thanks very much.

Could you please post your website URL, so ca check what is going on.

Any blog template will display latest posts and only latest posts, you can’t select category, pages, tags for it. It is just Blog with recent blog entries. Of course tag, category and other information is there but you can’t select which template to use for different content type.

Hi Aigars,

The web page is actually a test page(password protected) so general public can’t see it.

I don’t suppose anyone would mind if I passed the password onto you… if you can help me out…

Do you have an email address I can email the password and URL to?

Thanks for all your help.

Please forward your password to support[at] (replace [at] with @) and I will have a look.

Hi Aigars,
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.
Thanks for your feedback. It was very helpful. :slight_smile:


I’m glad I could help :slight_smile: