Making social icons bigger/line spacing in about section/adding photos

Hey Support! I know you recently answered a question about making the social icons bigger. I did what you recommended and nothing changed. Can you tell me what I did wrong, please? (screen shot attached)

The About section appears to refuse to create spaces unless using the bulleted list option. For obvious reason I don’t want my about section to be a giant block of text with out spaces every 2-3 sentences. I figured that I could click the ‘text’ tab and manually insert   except the ‘text’ tab is totally unresponsive when I click on it.

Additionally I was hoping to be able to add images in some of the sections by manually adding the code for them, but being that I can’t get the ‘text’ tab to work I’m not sure how I would do this. (The website is very text heavy and I’d like to break it up with some photos)

Oh, and like someone else asked… the progression widgets in the About section don’t actually disappear when you remove them. I only could get them to disappear by removing them and then clicking ‘add widget’ and one would show up but just with the grey line (picture). Any way to get ride of them completely?
*in the picture I added 3 so it looks like a makeshift divider line

Thanks for all of your help!

Hey there

Let me answer on your questions :slight_smile:

  1. First of all you have some spelling errors in the code you added in the css box, that’s the reason why its not working, please check attached screenshot with fixes added in the picture
  2. can i see this problem on the page? please provide url of the page and i will take a look
  3. adding images - can i see it as well? its, little bit hard to explain how exactly but i could offer you this thing, send me your admin details here privately and could add raw images for you, then you can change them as you wish
  4. progression widget- please show me it and tell me which css code you added to remove it

Have a great day :slight_smile:


Thank you so very much for your response.

  1. Figured it out! Thank you.

2/3. - can’t figure out how to create spaces no matter what I try. In some of the other areas I’m able access the ‘text’ tab, but still can’t insert a space. For example, in the Services area I could open the ‘text’ tab to insert the graphic for the green button, but if I tried to put a space when I hit ‘Publish’ it saves without a space so the button hugs right up to the text.

Made you a user account
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  1. Figured it out! Thanks!!

Hey there

Please use this css now :slight_smile:

#services .section-content .service .service-entry a {
    top: 30px;
    position: relative;

Let me konw if i asnwered your question

Thanks for this code! What about the spacing everywhere else on the website like the “About” section? It is currently a big blog of text and I can’t get the spacing to appear.

(looks like the screenshot didn’t attach with my last question!)

Hey there

you can use simple br tags in this case, check this link:

Thanks for that link describing how to create line breaks. Unfortunately, like I explained, I can’t edit the code in that particular box. When I click “Text” nothing happens so my confusion is how to insert things like <p>. You still have access to my wordpress, if you could hop in there to see what I’m talking about maybe that would help?

Hello there,

I was able to login and add a few line breaks for you using <br />.
Let us know of any more issues.

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Hi @kathleenv

I see now its working on your website, i see space between paragraphs is visible on the page, have you fixed it?