Making the Sufee Bootstrap theme into a template

Hi All,
Hopefully a simple question:
I am using the Sufee Template for a bespoke website.
It’s dead easy to use except…
It feels REALLY inefficient to create a new HTML page for every ‘page’ of the site, complete with all the html tags.

Is there a way to template it up and use it as an ‘include’ so that I’m creating as little code as possible for each page? I have tried just keeping it in a separate file and pulling it as an inlcude with javascript to replace a div tag, but it doesn’t render properly.

What’s the right way to be doing this?
Many thanks


I hope you are doing well today.

I am not aware of a method to do this as the template allows you to edit it however you want using code so you would have to develop an application to do that but currently I am not aware of one to use.

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