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Hello, I want to have two flags on the top of my website one English and the second one Polish. After clicking on a flag all website including buttons and content will change it’s content to the second language. What is the easiest way to do that? Is there any plugin that will work with your theme?

Furthermore there will be problem with posts if an author adds news to the blog section the content is generic.

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Your best option for a language switch button is to use WPML because it has a language switch widget built into it, however this is a paid plugin.

Here is a link to an article that explains how to use the plugin:

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I’ve used polylang plugin and right now translating posts works fine. I have an idea how I could translate the rest of the theme. I would put many ids into your template and replace its content in jquery onclick (on my flag id) event. Can I use jquery with your theme? And if yes then how?


You can use Loco Translate – WordPress plugin | or read this article thoroughly How to translate a WordPress theme including Shapely & Illdy - Colorlib so that you can change all the strings used in the theme and plugins to your language.

You can use jQuery of course, it is already included by WordPress, it is all depend how you plan to use it, we don’t have a guide for that, but it is all common for all WordPress theme, so you can use any guide to do that.

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