Max length of homepage?

Is there a maximum number of widgets we can use on the homepage?

Seems like some of the parallax boxes shorten up and I lose text if I add more widgets than are on the standard template.

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Such thing should not have happened, can I see the problem? please provide URL of the website and screenshot the problem
Colorlib Support Team

Greetings Noda

It turns out that once I publish it takes a little time for the page to reload but everything eventually re-sorts itself just fine. Sometimes I have to close the customizer after publishing to get the whole page to settle in correctly, but hit does eventually. What was happening was the parallax section below the one I just changed would disappear, or half the background photo would disappear. It’s all good now… just have to wait for it to settle down.

My site still isn’t public, but it’s come a long way! Thank you.

You can call this “resolved”! ; D

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Now I will now close the topic and mark it as resolved.
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