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I am running into an issue with the Max Mega Menu and the illdy theme. I had turned off this option so the hamburger menu did not show twice on mobile.

“Disable Mobile Toggle Bar
Hide the toggle bar and display the menu in it’s open state by default.”

This worked great until i realized that by doing that it forces the menu on single pages to be open at all times. I have tried searching everywhere and haven’t found a solution to get a normal collapsible menu on both the main page and on my single pages.

Main page:
Single Page:

Is there CSS to fix the duplicate hamburger menu while using Max Mega Menu? If i could fix that issue and re-enable the mobile toggle bar then my issue would be resolved.

Issue only happening on mobile. Right now you can see that the mobile menu does not collapse on the /statusx page.

Thank you for your time today.

Hey there

I see this problem is already resolved? I can only see one hamburger menu on your site ?

No. If I disable the mobile toggle in Mega Menu it fixes the main page but keeps the menu open permanently in single pages on mobile like here.

If I enable the mobile toggle it duplicates the hamburger menu on the main page but allows the single page to be collapsed.

I’m trying to get both the main and single pages to be collapsible.

I thought about it and instead of me using the Max Menu plugin short code for the single pages can you tell me if I can add the same code (HTML) that the main page uses for the menu and add it to the top of a single page?

This would resolve my issue. Since the main page is the behavior I would like out of the illdy menu.

See attachment.

I am trying to get this menu to NOT be permanently expanded on mobile. (See attached) (on mobile)

Ok i found a solution. Just posting here in case anyone else has issues in the future. I added the following code to my child themes functions.php file.

function register_my_menu() {
register_nav_menu(‘additional-menu’,__( ‘Single Page Menu’ ));
add_action( ‘init’, ‘register_my_menu’ );

This created another menu location which i was able to assign a secondary menu to.
I was then able to create a new theme in Max Mega Menu and re-enable the mobile toggle bar.
I then assigned my new menu to the Single Page Menu and assigned the new theme, then added to the single page.

I now have 2 different menus. 1 for the main page and 1 for single pages. This allows me to use both the “enable” and “disable” feature inside of Max Mega Menu to achieve working menus on all pages.


Hey there

Thank you for sharing your solution, it’s very appreciated :slight_smile:

I will mark this question as a resolved