Meaning Lifetime download template

Dear Colorlib,

I want to buy lifetime template can you explain detail my question …
Do I can download all template available on colorlib or just for one template title ?

Thank you

Hello Mardisal,

I appreciate your interest in our products.

With the Lifetime package, you can download all our 1,500 templates you can see here: 1500+ Best Website Templates (HTML & CSS) 2023 - Colorlib

Dear Aigar

Thank you for your response

Hi, aigars,

Could you give link to buy leaftime template ?

Thank you

Hi there

It’s under every product: Screenshot by Lightshot for example: Glint - Best Small Business Website Template - Colorlib


Dear Sir,
I have purchased lifetime subscription few years ago. But now I dont have a downlopad option when I login into my account. I have sent request via contact form twice but still got no response. Can you please help me sort this out? I can provide more details (license number, my credentials)

Thank you.

Milan Introvic

Hi Milan Introvic

Sorry for the inconvenience, when did you buy it? please provide dates and little bit more information


Thanks for your response.
I have purchased September, 2019.

I had a long pause since then and when I came back to my profile, I wasn’t able to download templates (there is only preview button, no download button).

My login name is introvic. I can share my certificate number by email.

Hi there

Sorry, but since 2019 we changed the lifetime subscription policy, and you need to renew it under a new subscription.


Are you kidding me? You sell a client lifetime subscription and after the purchase you change your policy so that it is not lifetime any more and a client has to buy it again?

I have contacted my lawyer and a media agency to make this thing public.

Hey there

Please take my apologies, I understand you but not only we even the tech giants change subscription rules and even pricing, it’s not a fraud, this is just an increased price to add more quality templates we announced and did more than a year ago

Kind regards

There was no concept of a lifetime license until late 2021. Until that point “All Templates” license was limited to one year only and cost $99. Now we have a yearly license for $129 and a lifetime license for $349 since the demand was there.

We understand your frustration, but there wasn’t a Lifetime license at the time you purchased it and it was limited to 1 year like the “All Templates” license is now.

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