Media does not appear to import correctly?

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I’ve installed Shapely on a new wordpress installation and none of the pictures for the demo content seem to be displaying? My site is

To follow up, if I look at one of the images that is missing, the Adobe logo towards the bottom for instance, if I right click the broken link and look at the image address it says:

Which then redirects(?) to:

Which is 404 not found but I’m guessing it was shooting for:

Which is indeed the image I seek.

What is causing the missing forward slash and how do I fix it?

Just to update I’ve switched themes in the mean time to something else so the link to my site will be useless, but hopefully someone can help anyway with the other info included.

I have the same issue. Followed the tutorial on Youtube and everything is in place except the base images

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It indeed seems like there’s a need for new images to regenerate the path, so I recommend downloading the pictures and upload them again when you media pick them,

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As in manually one by one? Doesn’t the missing forward slash imply broken code somewhere in the theme? Will this not be fixed?