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Hello~~ @colorlib Support.

Thank you for great Sparkling theme and extremely supportive forum.
I am sorry if this topic has been addressed previously.
However, I searched the forum and could not find answers for these questions.

I have some questions regarding Jetpack Tiled Mosaic Gallery, setting or defining Media Width (Content Width) for the gallery, and the relationship of the Media Settings to the Media Width (Content Width).

  1. Are these the default Media Settings for Sparkling theme?

 Thumbnail size - 150x150p
 Medium size – 300 x 300 px
 Large size – 1024 x 1024 px

  1. Are these Media Setting sizes for when gallery is in gallery mode? (Not opened to light box)
  2. In the lightbox mode, the width is100%, correct?

I see the Sparkling default Media Width (Content Width) is 648px.
4. If I want to use wider images wider than 648 px , say 1024 px, do I set Media Width to 1024 width for full size images under Additional CSS?
5. If I DO NOT change the Media Width and leave it at the 648 default Media Width does this mean that the Media/Settings Large Size will be 648 x 648 px?

  1. Does Colorlib have Media Width set to 1024 or 1008 in the Sparkling’s Tiled Gallery Demo?

    Sparkling’s Tiled Gallery Demo has some images that are 1024 wide.
    When I Inspect the Element I see  style="width: 1008px;
    <div class=“gallery-row” style=“width: 1008px; height: 487px;” data-original-width=“1008” data-original- height=“487”>

  2. Can Sparkling’s Media Settings/Large size be set as high as 1366x768px ?

  3. Finally, does all this pertain to Tiled Columns, Thumbnail Grid and SquareTiles also?

I hope my questions make sense.
Wow–I’m sorry there are so many!
Thank you so much for all your help!

Hi @agent99,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your questions.

You have too many questions and some of them are confusing so just let me tell you information about Sparkling theme so that you can understand it better.

The theme doesn’t change or set anything in the Media settings. The theme just contains two predefined images sizes. For the post featured image the size is 750px X 410px and for the popular posts widget images it is 60px X 60px.

Please note these sizes only apply to post featured images and popular posts widget images not anything else like Gallery images.

If you want to use post featured images and popular posts widget images different in size than the stated above then you can use the custom plugin solution shared in the following topic.

The theme sets content width to 648 for normal pages having sidebar and for full width pages without sidebar it is 1008.

The width of Jetpack gallery is controlled by content width that is 648 and you can change this content width using the following solutions.

Best Regards,

Thank you for quick reply and for verifying content full width size of 1008.
I was looking at this custom-content-width plugin or defining a specific $content_width value.
I am glad to know is is OK to do 1 or the other with this theme.

I am still unclear about this dumb question:
In your Sparkling Gallery Demo, was as the Jetpack gallery content width left at 648 or changed to 1008?
I see it as 1008px on a full-screen when I inspect element or measure pixels.

Thanks Again

In your Sparkling Gallery Demo, was as the Jetpack gallery content width left at 648 or changed to 1008?

It is 1008 because the page is full width page without sidebar.