Menu Bar - is it possible to move main menu below logo

Hi, is it possible to change the position of the menu bar? For example between logo and slider?

Tank you Carina

Hi Carina,

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You can try achieving this by using the attached custom child theme of Activello theme that contains some custom code.

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Thank you.

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I get an error when I upload the child theme zip file:

The parent theme is missing. Please install the "Activello-master" parent theme.

@charlescho It seems happening due to the difference between parent theme name.

I have changed the parent theme name in the child theme file style.css and attached the updated child theme to this reply so please try using it.

@movin You’re awesome! Works great! Thanks! I had to google how to install the child theme. You just upload it in wordpress in the theme page using “Add New”

You are always welcome here :slight_smile:


I installed this child theme, but now my menu is messed up – colors changed and it no longer links to one of the parent page – when I hover over that page, the drop0down menu works but I cannot navigate to the parent page, only the child pages in the drop-down menu.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @katw,

It seems you are facing different issue so to help us keep support thread separates could you please create your own thread for your question here instead of replying on others thread as it makes the thread messy and hard to read.

If you want to you can also add reference of this thread in your newly created thread.

We would be more than happy to help you on your new thread.


Hello -

Is there any way to achieve this without having to upload a new child theme? I am already working with a custom Activello child theme, and don’t want to alter what I’ve already changed. Thanks in advance!

My current temp website is:

@wiseapple Yes you can achieve that by downloading the shared child theme extract the header.php file from the child theme and add it in the directory of your child theme.

That worked perfectly! Thanks so much!

@wiseapple You are welcome :slight_smile:

To make this child theme solution work with latest version of Activello theme please use attached updated child theme.