Menu Custom Links - top menu item to link to the right page

Hi Movin,

I am facing problem with custom menu link. Right now, I have two categories on my website and they are Photoshop Tutorials and Inspiration. I got three sub category for Photoshoptutorials and these are Photo-manipulation, basic and photo-effects. For inspiration, I got only one which is interview.
I added a custom link to home menu named “Tutorials” amd its point to which I’ve done it and it is properly taking to link which I provided. After that I added sub items to this custom links like basic,photo-manipulation and photo-effects sub cateogry, so if anyone hover on this link its shows the sub items in dropdown way . As I added the sub category, the link of custom link changed to but I want if reader click on tutorial menu then it should takes visitor to Parent Photoshop-tutorials category if not then also shows sub items in dropdown way.
But now it’s not taking to parent category and only showing the sub items.
Please help as you always do:-)


Hi Bunty,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I visited your shared site but didn’t see any sub menu on it.

You can try resolving this issue by using latest version of Dazzling theme from github here GitHub - puikinsh/Dazzling: Flat design WordPress WooCommerce theme developed using Bootstrap 3 and FlexSlider or the using the custom solution posted in the following reply.

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