Menu deactivate

Hello I’m new on this site.
We are building a new site : and we want to have a clean homepage without a menu.
I know it’s not possible to deacitvate the menu with a plugin but does some one know a CSS code who deactivates the menu only at the homepage?

Thnx :slight_smile:

Hello @findebetouw,

To disable only the navigation menu, please add this code inside Dashboard > Appearances > Editor > Style.css:

display: none;

To hide both the navigation and the logo add this inside the same style.css:

display: none;

This should do the trick!

Best regards

Thnx Colorlib support,

But this hides the menu everywhere.
Is it possible to hide only the menu at the home page?

HI @findebeatuouw,

yes, just add

.homein front of the CSS code I gave you above. That should do the trick.

Hi there,

It looks that with the following code:

display: none;

Only the browser navigation is hidden, the responsive mobile menu is still active.
Do I need to add some CSS to make the mobile navigation also hidden.

THX for the free Illdy theme!


You should use this to hide the mobile menu, as well:

.open-responsive-menu { display: none !important; }

Thank you for using our free theme :slight_smile:

Best regards


Thumbs Up for Illdy and Colorlib!

Hehe thanks, that’s great!