Menu dropdown not working for Unite WordPress Theme


My menu dropdown is not working (theme: Unite), I tried to insert the code you explain here but it still doesn’t work. How can I fix it?

My website is:

Make sure that your Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes plugin that you are using are configured like this:

Great! Thank you Aigars!

Yay! Thank you. This resolved my problem too :slight_smile: Great theme btw!

Menu dropdown not working on my Unite Theme. It is installed on Goddady


Please post your website URL and I will try to debug it.

My menu does not work on mobile.

  1. Configure Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes properly. Like I have described on my message above.
  2. Disable shortcodes plugin that you have from previous theme.

When you have done both these steps and still can’t make your menu to work try to disable all plugins to see if that resolves your problem.

Thanks Aigars, that fixed the problem

I cannot add more menus as I am only limited to 2? Is there a way to increase that?

My dropdown menus are not working anymore. I tried disabling all the plugins, but still nothing happens. How can I fix this?


Please post your website URL and I will have a look


Menu is limited to to one submenu. Here is a tutorials how you can get one more sub-level for your menu. It is written for Sparkling WordPress theme but it will work the same way for Unite WordPress theme as well with some small tweaks.

I have set up the plugin with the correct settings. I am able to select the drop down menu however the functions do not work properly now. When I set up an accordion list it does not show properly, it appears as a heading which appears to be linked to nothing in particular and the text below the heading. When the settings are as default, the accordion appears correctly as a drop down of information when the heading is clicked, but then I cannot select the drop down menu from the primary website menu.

I am using the Travelify theme, what do you suggest?


This thread is marked as resolved and it related to Unite WordPress theme but you are using Travelify. Therefore please start you own thread and we will help you from there.

Sorry for inconvenience.