Menu in a collapsed form

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is it possible to have the menu bar in a collapsed form also in desktop? How to code it?


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So you want to have the sub menu items appear by default?

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Hi Support team,

and thank you for your quick answer.

Yes, I hope it to look similar in desktop as it is looking in mobile, so as a collapsed menu.


Now that we are talking about responsiveness… Can I also ask how to get my text logo to appear a bit smaller in mobile version? Because I added some space before the first word to make it look cooler, but the extra space looks very bad in the mobile version. Please have a look on the site here:

PPS. I was checking the previous threads, and I saw that last year they had still not found a way to makea text appear, when one hovers over an image (for example the project images). It would look cool if it would say like: “Read more here”. But I am just now checking that there is still no update on that, or?