Menu is not working on mobile device

I’ve just switched over to this theme and everything is good except that nothing appears where the menu should be when I look at it from a mobile device. Is there a way to fix this…preferably without coding because I’m not a ‘coder’.

Menu turns into dropdown to make it more accessible on mobile devices. It should work fine on any mobile device. You can test it also on our theme demo how it should look. If it looks different on your website try to disable all plugin and then enable on by one to see which one causes problems with menu.

Still not working on mobile device, and no drop down appearing-only a band of colour with no menu, and I’ve had no luck with plugins.
Is there any way that I can run the mobile site exactly the same as it is on my computer because it’s perfect there. I saw this question in another forum but the link for the response was dead.

I left the theme up and running, (even though it looks terrible on mobile devices) in hopes that someone can have a look and see if they have a solution. Thanks in advance. I’ll check back.

The easiest method to disable responsive layout on mobile devices is to remove this line of code:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1">

This line should be removed from header-extensions.php file that you can find in travelify folder - library - structure. This file can’t be accessed via WordPress dashboard and you need to use FTP client or some file manager that your hosting provider offers via their admin dashboard.