Menu issues after Wordpress update 4.5

Greetings! An update for wordpress just came out with support for mobile preview and so on.
However there seems to be an issue with Illdys menu - since the update, the dropdown of the menu doesn’t work. Meaning, you cant have multiple levels in the menu - and even worse, on mobile versions you cant use the menu at all, since it uses the same dropdown frame to show the menu.

Is there a fix or an update coming?
Would actually like to not rollback Wordpress. :wink:


I rolled back to 4.4.2 for now. Menu works again. Still, not would love to see an update for Illdy on this one :slight_smile:

Would be useful if you mention which version of Illdy you are using.

Hello @bruro,

Please proceed to update the theme, everything should work just fine with the latest version that fix the jQuery malfunction.

Best regards

Well, after upgrading illdy (1.0.15) and WP (4.5), I’m at exactly the same point as @bruro: dropdown doesnt work.

Hey, the drop down menu is working fine for me now. Since I posted this yesterday I’ve not made any further updates to the site, just went back and checked.

One explanation may be that some cached script must have expired and the newly downloaded script indeed works.

My apologies for reporting this as a problem.


Glad that everything is running alright, as it already works fine on my side.

Best regards

WP 4.5 seems to have a few gotcha bugs (at least for quite a few themes).

@Colorlib Support
can you write with files or lines resolve these problem?

Hello @olo321a,

Unfortunately, I cannot provide you this kind of information.

Since the WP 4.5 broke the jQuery integration, the menu issue got fixed by fixing the script errors due to the WordPress update.


Hi, I have manually updated to version illdy (1.0.15) and WP (4.5.1) but on mobile and tablet the navigation menù doesn’t work anymore. What shall I do??
Thank you

Hello @svanzy,

From what I see you are using Version: 1.0.12, so please proceed to update with the latest files (V1.0.16) and give it another try.

Thank you

You were right! I made the update in the wrong folder… sorry. Now it works againg.
Thank you

I was having the same issues where the navigation bar was no longer working in the mobile view nor was the drop down feature working.

To fix the issue I inspected the page and clicked ‘Console’ at the top.
My error was saying the issue lived in the script.js file

I found that the script.js and the script.min.js files had a line of code within it that read:

function smoothScrollAnchors() {
$(‘a[href*=#]:not([href=#])’).on(‘click’, function() {

This code is missing the “” around the hashtags (#)

After placing the quotations around the hashtags the navigation issue was finally fixed! :slight_smile:

The final code should be:
function smoothScrollAnchors() {
$(‘a[href*="#"]:not([href="#"])’).on(‘click’, function() {

where to download the latest files (V1.0.16) , I’m having the same issue. the menu doesn’t work …

Download from

Here is the latest download link:

Let me know if you got everything alright.



I have the same problem as @svanzy. I’m updated manually theme to 16 and WP is 4.5.2. but rolldown menu on mobiles and tablets doesn’t work :(. Can you help me with my page?

Thank you

Hello @zofre,

Please try to clear the cache (the website seems to be loading the old files) and try again, I’m sure this will fix the issue.

Let me know otherwise.


I am all updated and still can’t figure out the menu on my mobile. I also looked at my .js and couldn’t find the issue. Here’s my site:

thank you so much.