Menu items not highlighted in the same color on mobile version

Hey guys,

I’m hoping someone can help me with this issue I’m having. I’m building a website for a personal trainer and noticed that when I took the website live, the menu items on the mobile version are not bright red as they are on the desktop version (the way I want them to be). Is there any way to make the highlight text color on the menu items consistent on desktop and mobile?

The website is:

Thanks so much,

hey there

Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

.main-navigation .menu li a {
color: #000000;

Colorlib Support Team

This is better! The menu items on mobile are now showing up black and highlighting a more black color… but I actually don’t mind it so I will keep it with this change. Thank you very much for your help!


Emily, you are very welcome :slight_smile:

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