Menu items not level with search bar


When I had first uploaded this theme, all of my menu options were piled high. In other words, there were three rows of menu options. So then I went in and sub-categorized as much as possible. The menu does look cleaner now, but, is sorta funky in it’s position to the search bar. I’ve included a screenshot as an attachment to show you what I mean. Is there any way to fix this to make it line up with the search bar instead of it being off?


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This can be done with the help of some Custom CSS. Kindly provide me with a link to a page with this so that I may be able to write up some CSS that should work for your setup.

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Thank you for your prompt reply! Right now, we just switched to a new hosting provider and cannot access our site at this time. As soon as it is back up, I’ll provide you with a link. Thanks again.

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