Menu items not loading in Mobile Menu Bar

I have assigned a primary menu “Main” to my Home page at

However, 2 days back it stopped showing the menu items only on mobile devices.
Only the menu bar name gets loaded.

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 5.23.59 PM

The Menu Bar

  • list items are not loading.

    Please have a look, I have tried deactivating all the plugins, have deleted all other themes and files, tried looking, and scouting through the issues already present on the forum.

  • Hey there

    Menu works normally for me, but you have only one item and you need to add other menu elements as well: Screenshot by Lightshot

    If you see the desktop version there are menu items!
    Only in movile versoin / ipad version, when the menu items get converted to Hamburger, the items are not loading.

    Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 2.09.42 PM

    Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 8.23.36 AM


    Ok, send me your admin details in a private message and I will check it

    Hi any luck on checking this issue ?

    Hi, any luck on checking on this issue? It’s kind of urgent, if you have a solution, since i have just launched my website and my customers are unable to browse through phone.

    Hey there

    Sorry for the delay, please check it again, should be fixed now

    Hello, I have the same problem. The menu bar has disappeared on mobile and tablet devices.

    Hi there

    You have a different kind of problem, please start a new ticket and I will help you

    Hey, thank you it’s working!
    Can you let me / everyone know what could be the issue, or if we need to be careful of adding any specific items to the menu? I

    And then you can close this ticket!