Menu Items w/ No Link (#)

Surely I broke something… By default, these top level menu items seem to have the default link of nothing (#)

Yet, look over here in the menu. All of these are simple top level menu items. that are pages.

If there’s NOT a dropdown below the menu, then the menu links work fine. Like this Yet, the moment I go to add another page’s menu item “below” the main page’s menu item, the main menu item seems to suddenly want to STOP linking to the page, and start linking to nothing (#)

No caching, no plugins (well Yoast and the Bootstrap One that y’all mentioned), all settings viewable in the ‘screen options’ panel, Friday, Spider Man Undies, WP 4.3,

Oh Wow. I can’t help but wonder what’s going on with such a great theme, but…

When I open on my phone, the dropdown menus are not working either.
Ugh…this isn’t good.

Yet…where’s the problem?

Hi Brad,

I hope you are well today.

It seems we have resolved your issue on the following thread but feel free to ask it again if it doesn’t.