Menu Links - Paralax sections vs pages from the menu.


Love the theme, but just hit a snag. I build all my ‘pages’ as parallax sections which was great until I added an actual page to the menu. Now, if I’m on that page, I can no longer scroll to the other sections because I’m off the home page and the # anchors don’t function anymore. I can’t come up with any way around this except use the home page path in the menu URL, but of course, that disables the scroll…

Any thoughts?


I should add, same issue if you’re using latest news, when you visit a post, the menu becomes useless because you’re off the front page :frowning:

So, I guess I’m answering my own question. Seems like the solution is just to link to the section anchor, there’ll just be no scrolling unless it’s on the front page.

Hi there,
Sorry that I never got in touch with you soon enough.
I’m however glad that you found a workaround to this. Actually the scrolling will only take effect on the front page.
Please let us know if you have any more questions.
Best Regards,